Noel Scarlett  founded Kingston 17 Private Security  in 1991 with the sole focus on providing clients with the best security available, anywhere. From unarmed event protection, to armed VIP bodyguard services, what makes an efficient, effective security officer is a strong plan as well as proper support. Kingston 17 Private Security . is unique in the field as a company that finds all of our security professionals ourselves and, after extensive background checks, train them to the highest standards of safety, effectiveness, and proper teamwork.

We provide more than just manpower; we offer peace of mind that comes with an elite and truly integrated security force. Whether you need a single protector for a day, or a team of highly-trained professionals, we have you covered.

And you don't have to take our word for it on the skill and credibility of our teams: the full vetting reports on our security specialists are available to you before we carry out a contract, so you can make sure you get the right people for your protection detail.

You'll have access to everything from the obvious, like psych evaluations and drug screenings, to aptitude tests on defense basics, and extensive in-service training regarding criminal law and police defensive tactics.